Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today is appreciate my husband day

Except that I accidentally read a blog wherein the blogger had a rant about the unequal division of labor at her house in regards to her husband and the many duties that go along with childrearing, I've been feeling rather pleasant towards Lord Honey today. After I read that blog entry I had to come put this disclaimer on the post I was writing earlier, because, hey, I don't want to like, lie, or fudge the truth, or be less than honest just because this is on the internet, and all. He really doesn't do anything like 50% of the stuff that gets done. Nope. But . . .

Today is be nice to Lord Honey day because he is as we speak, doing work on my parents' house, and he won't be mean later. Not at all.

My parents are not tidy. They are not clean. There are levels and layers of dirt at their house that most people would only see in nightmares. They are trail people. I don't mean they go up and down trails for exercise, I mean there are trails in their house that run between the stacks of things, generally books and periodicals, but all in peril of tipping over. Under the books you can find some general filth and perhaps some old stuff. Under the old stuff will be some other stuff you can't quite identify. As kids, we only invited over people who were also "bookish" since we thought they were the least likely to notice the rest of the story. I can always win the prize in the popular party game "my mother was even crazier than your mother." It hasn't gotten better as they age.

Lord Honey is a professional remodeler, and I am certain he has seen things in other people's homes that are also scary like my parents' house, but he is too nice to talk people down behind their backs. Not like me. So today, when he will help my aging father replace some faucets and do some other plumbing and try to avoid eating any food prepared there, he will be sweet and kind and gentle with my people. So I have to appreciate him today, even if only behind his back, for not telling me anything remarkable about being at their home without me. Today, I will be glad is the strong, silent, and kindly type. Whew. Now back to regular programming. Shhhh. Don't tell.


  1. Bless Lord Honey! That is more than I can do :)

  2. Yes, bless him. Not every man would do that.

  3. My parents are hoarders. We cleaned out their back porch last September. It's time to spend a week hauling out another load! They have closets that cannot be entered for all of the stuff piled chest high on the floor. I think the best way to clean it out would be with a match.