Thursday, December 10, 2009

News: small babies don't weigh a lot

This earth shattering news brought to you courtesy of Hannah's metabolic clinic visit this week. And the other big shocker: they want her to eat more protein and well, more food generally. Because they want her to weigh more. Wow! The dietitian will contact me with information about "power packing" Hannah's food to give her more calories without more mass. She actually told me when her daughter was too small she fed her avocado sandwiches on bread laced with oil. I'll sign up for that one anyway, with a side of cheese.

Now that I've got that out of the way . . . once again I went to a doctor's appointment that lasted nearly four hours, and felt wholly inadequate for all but the time spent in the waiting area where I stood Hannah up to play with toys and helped some non English speaking folks find the toys for their child. I was adequate then.

I am trying to feel grateful that Hannah's doctor would call as soon as the labs came back to tell me how her carnitine levels were, and discuss dietary issues from the diet analysis, but instead I just feel grumpy. I wonder if he calls because he is worried about me being a lawyer and that I blame the other hospital for letting Hannah go so hypoglycemic to begin with so now he is worried about dealing with me. Anyway, it is never good when the doctor calls right back. He did rightly observe, though, that Hannah is very beautiful.

I am working on gratefulness, I am.


  1. Doesn't that make you want to smack things and people? I'm sorry, yo.

  2. Yea, 4 hours is awful and painful. I've read several parent blogs working on helping their children to gain weight and pack in calories. Sounds like you are doing as well as anyone! Hang in there! Barbara

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