Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Twas the night before Christmas, about 2:00. The presents were arranged, the stockings hung by the chimney with eggnog and an overabundance of chocolate consumption to fuel the final stages of preparation.

Opening presents requires great concentration. Notice the right hand in action? Daddy set that up, but still, action.

Look Ma, no hands. And a lolli-lobotomy.

Hannah was fascinated by the dog eating a Christmas treat.

Holly studies up on Lego building codes.

Nice niece.

The iPod Touch is much more fun once you get it loaded up with stuff.

So many manuals, so little time.

Again, Daddy on the technical manuals and Barbie set up, while Mom runs the camera and attempts to load an iPod with loathsome games. Fail to mom, score for Dad.

I told you "One day, my prince will come. Why does he look like a beach bum?"

I had told Claire that Santa gave some presents and Mommy gave others. A few days after Christmas Claire came to me unbidden and said "Thank you for the robe, Mama. I really love you. But who gave me the Barbie?"


  1. My youngest 2 refuse to open gifts. I mean REFUSE entirely.

  2. We've used Captain Chaos' opening of gifts as a way of tracking her ability to use her left hand. It's OT therapy and tracking all in one event!