Thursday, February 17, 2011

Claire wins the race, along with everybody else

Despite Claire's superior reasoning and logic, she has not yet realized the fallacy behind everybody getting a first place medal. No matter, it is enough that she got a medal, didn't fall, and only hit one gate a little tiny bit.


My day care can beat up your day care. After the race they fed us pizza and sodas and the proud and excited parents took a lot of pictures and froze our butts off.

This is the young man Claire intends to marry. I think he shows every sign of having a soul patch and being underemployed while he skis his way through his twenties and thirties, but Claire sees her prince. Except she loves him less on the days he doesn't let her hug him, and then insists that he will not be coming to her birthday.


  1. Well. Lack of physical affection and a refusal to be there at major events is definitely grounds for an affection reduction.

    A soul patch, huh? Urgh.

  2. Aaaah. So cute! But seriously, they ski in day care? That's so cool!