Monday, April 11, 2011

I taught her to splash in puddles, in the name of physical therapy, of course

I've been reflecting a lot on where we are two years out from the CP diagnosis. CP awareness Day was "celebrated" a few weeks ago.  I meant to post, I intended to post, hell I even drafted a partial post.  Right now I am absolutely stunned by where we are today.  Two years ago, we had just had the diagnosis confirmed.  We started working on getting Hannah to sit up on her own and to roll over, and we started using the Bamboo Brace.

One year ago, just before Easter, Hannah started to crawl, and then crawled her way through a wet and chilly Easter Egg hunt, because "ooh, shiny!" is hard wired into any girl brain, damaged or not.  See for yourself:

A few weeks later she was walking. 

And the baby that looked like this, once:

Turned into this child:

Most importantly, her joy knows no bounds.

Hannah had her Early Intervention biannual testing last week, and managed to now score within in the average range of all areas tested, and in the above average range for . . . are you ready? . . . fine motor skills.  Take that stroke, you asshat!  Really what these results mean is that the testing instrument is not particularly well suited to make assessments about smarts kids with hemiplegia, and that testing of two year olds generally is not incredibly accurate.  Obviously my daughter is indeed smart and well suited to live in Lake Woebegone, where everyone is above average.