Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who gave you the right to have Shaun's hair?

Huh, I say? Shaun White's hair?  Huh, you say? That was pretty well my reaction, also. I pay for this hair color and I can have whatever I want, or so my stylist says. Frankly I was befuddled that the grocery store clerk sweeping the floors felt so free to say any such thing to me at all, after I processed that he was actually speaking to me. How does my hair at all resemble that of the carrot top snowboarder, who by the way, is so last Olympics?  Other people have actually complemented my recent coloring job, so I am not actually worried, just baffled.  So now you have an idea of how I look these days, I bet you'd like to know how I am.  So would I . . . but I am still baffled.  And struggling, a bit.  More than a bit.  Trying to reconcile things that cannot be reconciled in my mind, therefore, since I didn't know how to talk about it here, I stopped talking at all.  But I promise to get back online tomorrow and have kittens pooping rainbows just to show that things are indeed hunky dory, and if you are either Claire or Hannah, they are. 

I meant to introduce this concept under a new feature of WTF Wednesday, since I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for Friday Haiku, and Wednesdays are in general, baffling, but Friday will do to introduce my new feature, since this Friday happens to be April Fool's Day.  Here's what I mean:

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