Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still here, barely, and fully in flux

Where Have We Been?

Eating Cupcakes, Nearly Naked

Because it is HOT and we like cupcakes.

We've been watching these people do stuff like this:

To be fair, Lord Honey found Hannah on the climbing wall after she disappeared at the door of the day care, with two feet and her good hand on the wall, so he told her to use Righty too and she did and she stayed up.  Stroke victim?  I don't think so. 

We've been going through a rough patch, a busy patch, a heat wave, and a period of extreme change and growth.  I had dental surgery to pull a tooth, implant some bone sand (that has an irritating way of coming up from the depths when I am not expecting it, and place an implant.  Claire had one of her crowns become uncomfortable necessitating a trip to the emergency dentist who prescribed antibiotics that have Claire living on the potty and jamming up the works with toilet paper (and now I know why parents count out squares of paper - and it is not about saving money as they always claimed, but preventing the need for plunger use).  Hannah has become an actual chatterbox, and Claire is about to start kindergarten.  I fired our hippotherapy provider and Hannah ages out of Early Intervention in about two weeks.  I think she is ready, but am I?

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  1. I'm still here and reading it all... Blogger just hates me and I can't always comment. But seeing that itty bitty of yours on the rock wall... Leaves me with an ear to ear smile!!! Love you all.