Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grace In Small Things, Now More Than Ever

I used to post on Grace in Small Things with some regularity, and then totally got out of the habit when sometime after my mom's strokes and my colossal butt breaking fall on the ice my substance abuse turned into substance dependence and bit by bit I stopped feeling all that much gratitude. Certainly I was grateful to get clean but still there were so many things to not be grateful for that gratitude didn't rise to the top of my emotional pool very often lately, but today it did, and I posted this at GiST. Take that, gloom.

You are lovely people, you know that? Sitting around feeling, sharing, and receiving gratitude and joy! I did miss you . . . I came back to my blog a few weeks ago, and felt too angsty to get back to thinking about things I am grateful for . . . but of course I should because it makes me feel better. Schmutzie's Instagram email today inspired me, so here goes . . .
1. I didn't die while addicted to pain pills, and now I am clean and won't ever flirt with such a thing again.  Big YAY there, obviously.
2. My husband may be dead from suicide but I am not, and I have children who are most decidedly alive, and playing heartily in a very lively fashion.
3. Life has potential for MORE good things to come my way, and today I remember that.
4. Mistakes, depression, anxiety, and PTSD may be a part of my life but need not be a way of life.
5. This totally improved my perspective today. Yay!

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