Monday, September 30, 2013

The lion may lie down with the lamb, but I lie down with the laundry

Today feels somehow confessional to me, so I will spill some more about being somewhat nuts.  It may also apply to the grief stricken, recovering addict, or other types of crazy but somehow I just associate it with my PTSD/anxiety/depression and being tired.  I don't have the energy I used to have and I don't know when it may come back but when it does I certainly hope it will include laundry doing.

I sleep with my clothes. My clean clothes. And my kids' clean clothes, because I can't stand to put them away, apparently.  This is a side benefit of becoming single, whether by death or divorce, when your bed is suddenly bigger than it was, you can just pile up the clothes that are supposed to get put away, and voila! no more empty bed syndrome. A goodly pile of clothes will weigh down your comforter so you can't use it all, just like sharing the bed with someone full sized does!  No snoring, no body odor, no mansand on your sheet, and no pesky hours spent trying to stuff your drawers and closets with last week's fashions. If you keep the pile small then you can have a pint sized child in or on that side of the bed for snuggles and book time and still not have to tackle that chore. Yes, you can use my idea! You're welcome!

This household tip brought to you courtesy of product sponsor "I Can't Believe it's A Laundry Basket!"


  1. I do it too and I am married and share my bed. Often times I have been sorting laundry, don't get everything put away so at night I shove everything to the foot of my bed and sleep. Often it stays that wasy for a good long while.

    1. Thanks Awesome Mom, that makes me feel better. For years I have had laundry piles on sofas, chairs, window seats and floors but the bed is a new development (but laundry there is better than piles of mail and books, really).