Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please forgive me

My posting has been light, and so has my time for reading all the blogs I love to stay caught up with. Hannah has a head cold, not anything too severe, and thankfully we seemed to have passed the I am sick therefore I don't eat phase of infancy (god help me if I've spoken too soon) but it does mean that much more cuddle time and that much less get things done time.

Did I mention that the other day I found a fully formed green booger in my bra, at the end of the day, a full two hours after the last time I had been cuddling the baby? Two hours. Fully formed, nostril blocking sized, and green.

Our personal version of the Big Dig has been dug, the footings and foundation poured, the pad and driveway poured, with only the following collateral damage: Two retaining walls, one chunk of asphalt driveway, one zone of asphalt in the public alley, a fair bit of my grass, and one chunk of neighbor fence. It seems entirely possible that we will remain married through this project. Hope springs eternal! But I might strangle Lord Honey if he ever again raises a conflict we have in the choices we must make either right before bed, to rob me of sleep, or three minutes before I leave for work when he says do you want that patio? It's $850, tell me now. Arrrgghhh! Lord Honey spends every evening digging something out, putting wires in, cutting ragged asphalt to prepare for pouring new, all to save us money so I can't tell him to stop, even if that leaves me with all the inside stuff on my own. I am looking forward to completion, not just to have covered parking.

My mind seems extra full right now, of what to pack for Disneyworld with two wee kiddos, and how not to get the H1N1 'flu without getting the vaccinations, and wondering just why I thought breathing recirculated air for four hours was such a great idea. Why? Disneyworld? Because I was going to a conference and thus the trip was subsidized by my employer, only to have the conference cancel after getting non refundable airfare in order to take the fam on the cheap. Yes! Being in an enclosed space during pandemic season! Yes. It is a good idea!

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  1. Not quite as bad as the booger, but last night at choir, I was looking for a pen in my handbag and found it underneath a decomposing banana, some pajamas and a whole pile of nappies.

    It's a great idea to go somewhere fun. You get recycled air in the supermarket, too, but it's more fun to get sick going somewhere nice.