Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Humidity will surely kill me but so will the high desert

I didn't mean to start my travelogue all complainy but I did some laundry yesterday that reminded my of my profoundly shocking amount of sweat in Florida last week. I always meant to be a "lady" who didn't perspire but who would glow, and instead I just am the soggy person. My husband at one point said I looked as though I had just poured a bottle of water over my head, and I told him I had but in fact my shirt was that wet first with actual perspiration.

What I really liked about Disneyworld:

I don't think I really could have guessed just how excellent all the details could be. Who knew standing in lines could be that entertaining? Who knew the dog in Pirates of the Caribbean would sing A Pirate's Life For Me along with the humans? And the pig would tap his hoof in time with the music? And they would sell Yeti balls in the gift shop attached to the Everest roller coaster. And the lions never cross the road to the prey on the other side.

I love singing and dancing almost as much as little Hannah, and she loves it alot.

"Be Our Guest" is an awesome song.

When I lost cash, out of my pocket, because I am full of the awesome that way, it was turned in to Lost & Found and I got it back! Imagine! Only $12 but I enquired just to see and sure enough, it was turned in and returned to me.

I like roller coasters, I really, really do.

What I really didn't like about my trip:

Heat combined with humidity make for a very damp Ginger. Very damp, sodden, even.

Babies are not supposed to be sick on vacation, but at least I have a supremely good natured baby.

Programming without Disneyworld as a central theme will return soon. I'll be going back to how my nose and skin hate this climate as much as my psyche hates the South. And the like.

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  1. I cannot wait until my LO is old enough for us to go to Disneyworld! We went their a couple of years ago and we were the tallest people in the line to take a picture with Mini...