Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter dresses, ducklings, Oreos, and the Black Knight Always Triumphs

Heading out to the park to see the baby ducklings and take the Easter dresses on an outing, with sunscreen.

A cousin is the best kind of date to go walking with.

Make way for ducklings eating wheat bread.

Poohsticks. Or crumbs, whatever.

The rapture of the first Oreo of summer.

Eating an Oreo with two hands. Something I'll be sure to report to the OT.

That knock on the forehead? It's just a flesh wound.

The Black Knight Always Triumphs.


  1. Adorable dresses! I love dressing up my daughter too.

  2. Oreo with 2 hands....good stuff!

  3. I struggled with myself today as I attempted 3 times to take the small Band-Aid package from Captain Chaos and open it for her while she insisted that she could do it. I do not know why I was so impatient, but with a momentary explanation of how to hold the package, she was able to make her left hand work and open the Band-Aide. That’s OT in action! Thank God she insisted on doing it herself. She not only opened the package herself but peeled off the plastic and put the Band-Aid on her knee. Two handed Oreo eating? Good on her! That’s OT in action, too.

  4. On my blog. It's a meme. And you've been tagged!!!!

    You're welcome.