Monday, April 26, 2010

Stinkeye, party of one

So a few hours before the expensive big party my darling girl would have at the Little Gym, in honor of her fourth birthday, I told her she had to nap so she would act nicely all day and not get in any trouble with me for lack of manners or what have you. She glowered. Lord Honey looked at her angry face and said "is that a unibrow I see?" She scowled more deeply and replied with withering scorn "it's a stinkeye, Daddy."

But she cheered up and faked a nap, and dressed up in her finery.

With all the new princesses in the house, poor Ken is plumb worn out. Just because we live in a state known for plural marriage does not mean we must all live in a state of plural marriage. I think I better get some more princes.


  1. Teeheehee....I've always thought Ken seemed more like the girls' fabulous gay friend, myself, which would make him, like, totally fit in! Especially in that pink jacket.

    FYI, darlin' bloggy friend, thank you for your comment on my "story" at you-know-where. And MTL? He's my man. I've been keeping quiet about him. Heeheehee.

  2. Ah, the works everytime. I used to give it to my first graders ;0)

  3. Angry redheads give the best stinkeye!

  4. Yes, yes, yes, more testosterone in the house! Gotta love the pink tuxedo though...

    How's this - I double dog dare you to write a haiku for next Friday (watch me forget again).

  5. I call stinkeye the Hairy Eyeball and man, it's a satisfying thing to give, isn't it? I'm proud that your kid can do it at 4.