Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hippo week two

Again, the uncooperative video loading slowed this down, and will deny you the option of hearing these highly trained therapists and volunteers singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star.

Hannah's affection for the horse has extended to each and every picture of a horse in any book or magazine. I can't pin this on the hippotherapy, but she really does have her hand more open now, and less sensitive. For months we have sat and read together and I use her right hand to turn the pages of the board books we read. Every now and then she forgets to resist it, and turns page herself with her right hand. I have a few of those "touch and feel" books that have textures for things like farm animals and so on, and this last week she has been much less resistant to me rubbing her right hand on the books to get that extra sensory input. Two nights ago we watched her purposefully put a noodle in her right hand and examine it, then she got it back in her left hand to eat it, but still, we were suitably impressed.

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  1. Not many get to appreciate how amazingly wonderful it is when your child uses both hands. I'm amazed every day by feels pretty darn good to watch doesn't it?!