Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime and the partying is easy

This post is overly long in coming out - I've been frustrated by an inability to post videos. I've now officially given up on posting videos on Blogger without using YouTube, even though it worked two weeks ago. Arrgghhh! So, here you have the family cast of characters, at the day care summer picnic. Now imagine you are seeing a video of Hannah dancing while standing in front of the band, swinging her arm to keep time, and the sax player keeping the beat with her, and the crowd around her overcome with oohs and ahhs and oh my god that's cute reactions. Now imagine Hannah over by herself dancing, and bending her knees so she can stick her tiny wee butt out, because I told her she needed more booty. Now imagine Hannah dancing, and Claire stepping into the frame to show some of the moves from her ballet class, like arabesque and tendu, and Hannah clapping. Now imagine seeing the parents of the day care kids (myself included, especially since you can't see it) doing silly games to try to win the grand prize of $100 off tuition. Lord Honey was pretty fast pulling Kleenex from a box, one at a time, but not fast enough. Now imagine my friend's husband picking up cotton balls with his nose well greased with Vaseline, and then shaking them off into his target bowl, all without using his hands. Sadly, he too was not fast enough. All this hilarity led Claire to tell me the next day, "that was a really fun party last night, Mama, but I am really tired."