Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Hannah, little love

My darling girl, I have not yet made a habit of writing to you yet, or to your sister, and I should be doing so. I have filled my time with telling others of your exploits but I will make an effort to periodically record a moment of reflection for you, just about you, just to tell you of my love for you.

Two years ago today I sprung you from the hospital. For a little while I wondered if I'd get to, or if I'd end up taking you back over and over. As it turned out, your metabolic disorder, though terrifying to me at the outset, has been much less of a worry, while an absolutely unfair brain injury has plagued the two of us much more. I was worried we'd be getting IVs all the time, and then, after finding you didn't move as I expected you would, I started looking for reasons why, and after the diagnosis of hemiplegia at eight months, now we are constantly on the move getting you to every kind of therapy we think might help you really get on the move on your own. I'm sorry to keep you going so much, but I think you'll thank me later, or I wouldn't be so insistent.

My dear, you are fantastic. All your therapists are pleased with you, saying your the best at this or that they have ever seen for a girl with your level of CP. You are praised for the many ways you overcome or work around the disability caused by the brain injury you have, but more importantly, you are enjoyed by all who meet you. You may not like your first meeting with some folks, for others you do, but in the end, when you love someone or just feel like charming a receptionist, you sparkle and shine like the most brilliantly cut diamond. The volunteers at the center where we do hippotherapy thank me for letting them work with you, they enjoy you so much. I am fairly certain they fight over who gets to assist you.

Your winning personality shines through your every action. You've been practicing flirting for ages now, but now you are a star performer. I am delighted with you, my darling girl. You are the icing on my cake.

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  1. My view is little blurry suddenly...good tears for you and that little darlin'.