Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fifth disease, because six is too many and four is not enough

Well, we need not have feared what Claire would learn watching Grease and hearing the entire crowd singalong, because the night was scuttled by the contracting of the fifth of classic childhood illnesses diagnosed by a distinctive rash, fifth disease, also know as "slap cheek disease" which sounds a little more like something I'd like to inflict. This is how Claire looked coming home from day care:

Normally Claire looks like this:

As Claire mended, I was felled, then Hannah, who was spotty from head to toe. I actually had one evening where I took to my bed then had the bonus symptom saved for adults, with aching arthritic joints that normally feel quite spry, like hips and elbows. So we lost days of work, days of day care fun, therapy and Little Gym sessions, took a lot of pain meds and fever reducers and generally had an ass kicking time. And a big who-hoo to that week, don't think you'll be getting some whiz bang Friday Haiku, because I have to get ready for an upcoming holiday celebrating the baby turning two. Bite me, stupid week. Wait, is that begging for trouble? Let's agree to detente, shall we? It's just a flesh wound and we'll call it a draw.


  1. Oh, that sucketh. Big time. So sorry...and sorry that I haven't been commenting lately! It's been kinda crazy for me too, though not due to illness. Hope you're all feeling MUCH better and the fun can resume!

  2. Argh - sickness. I suppose at least they've had it now. Just about twenty other ones to go.

    I hope you're all better now!

  3. Gack. It's never a good time to have the household felled by a virus/bacteria/standardchildhooddisease/extraordinaryblahblahblah. But I think it particularly blows during summer. The good thing is that at the age of two, everything is a celebration.

  4. That sucks the big one. Hope this week is better.