Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday Haiku: a day in the life of Hannah

We started early
at the hospital at six
and a got a pager

buzzed by nurse, checked in
Next, medical imaging
to look at her brain.

Glad she had Versed
the MRI is so loud
and I was scared.

We saw dentist next
general anesthesia
was given her twice.

She came though quite well
sassy and not at all sick
she slept on me well.

Tears ran down my face
dropped on the sleeping baby
she kept on resting.

Dentist gave high marks
Neurology on Monday
but I could not wait

Regular doc said
(who could access the records)
Hannah had a stroke.

Twas not anoxic
brain injury, but more harm
and now I know it.

Today she ran more
used her right hand with more skill
and she always will.

But still, it hurts.


  1. I love your haikus.

    Graham had a couple strokes too. If you look close you can see him favoring his left side. But as the years go by, even I notice it less and less.

  2. Yes, it does hurt... welcome to the club, although I'm sorry that you're here. One bit of advice - don't ever, ever look at the MRI again. If the specialists insist on looking at it, let them - but avert your eyes. The MRI does not mean much at all; it is absolutely not a map to Hannah's future. She and she alone will determine what she's capable of.
    If I went by the MRI, Monkey wouldn't have the ability to so much as twitch his left arm; it "should" be completely and totally paralyzed, if you go by the MRI. However, he has at least 90% use; he can even catch a baseball.
    I can tell from what you've described in your blog that Hannah is doing amazingly well. She's going to continue to go far, and she will find ways to navigate around the stroke. It will not hold her back, so get ready to be amazed. Good luck and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk.