Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Life with Laundry - minus the goose poo

In honor of how full my head is these days, I decided to join in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this month. I've made a commitment to post every day for a month. Think of it as a Roman vomitorium if you will, since my head is all spinny and full of stuff and it needs to come out, and now you get to see it, so maybe I'll see less of it myself. The theme of September for NaBloPoMo is Art. I don't think I'll really get in any trouble should I stray from the topic, but at least we'll begin that way. Art.

Still life with laundry. Notice the clean baby pants.

Susie homemaker tip of the day: if any of you let your toddler fall on a goose poo, simply place a plastic bag on the car seat to minimize seepage, and use Oxi-clean spray on the stain. Voila! Lord Honey and I had quite a dispute about whether or not we could wash Hannah's one and only pair of closed toed shoes, made by a manufacturer for use with orthotics, and Lord Honey's choice was to throw the shoe in the washer. I freaked about potentially ruining my best shoe option and the only one that can go to hippotherapy with a brace, and opted to hand wash the sole in the sink with Oxi-clean, figuring that poo is poo, and if I can wash baby poo, I can wash goose poo. It is, after all, organic. Lord Honey wondered why I let Hannah wander about the goose poo despite her penchant for sitting down without notice, but I thought it a good OT activity where I would stuff a large piece of bread in Righty and let her pull chunks off with Lefty. In my mind, I make every daily opportunity for two handedness something noteworthy. And since I now found out that one of my self created OT activities for Hannah, which involves saving all receipts and giving them to her to scrunch, toss, place on Mommy, and use to practice opening and closing her right hand, is now an activity worthy of OSHA scrutiny, since apparently most receipts contain high levels of BPA. So having removed BPA from every cheap plastic cup or bottle my girls drink out of, I have instead exposed them and jeopardized their future offspring by by encouraging their play with Mommy's little scrunchy papers. Arrgghh.

Enjoy the still life. More to come this month.

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  1. I did NaBloPoMo a couple years ago. I chose February, the shortest month. I'm no dummy.

    Good luck!