Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And then she waved goodbye

With her right hand. I hope if I write these things down it will burn forever in my mind's eye - as I never have the camera when Hallmark card moment comes calling. Claire and her Daddy and Hannah were walking out to the car to head to day care, and Hannah wanted to wave goodbye to me, but found her strong hand occupied with her juice cup, so she thought about stuffing her cup under her weak arm to free her hand to wave, and I called out "wave with Righty," and she did, and I clapped, and she smiled and all is almost right with the world. And when I got inside and called out my goodbyes, I cried again. Again! Right with the world would be she never had to work so hard to get there, but holy shit is that girl amazing me, every, every day. Jo, dear Jo, commented here - the MRI of Hannah's brain is not a map of her future. It doesn't say anything about her learning to wave goodbye or blow kisses with her right hand, or extraordinary flirting skills. On these points, that damn test is curiously silent.


  1. Hearing about Hannah waving just about made my day. What an awesome kid.

    - Jo

  2. Tests just can't say it all. Never do. What a wonderful and marvelous and magical moment!!!!

  3. I was born with cerebral palsy. I could not walk on my own until past the age of four; was partially paralyzed on my left side and wore eye patches every night.

    I tell you all that to tell you this -

    I have run a marathon...

    I have joined the Navy....

    I retired in 2002 as a Senior Chief Petty Officer....

    I wrote my memoir and got it published when everyone laughed at me doing so....

    I have never seen a medical test that measures the amount of determination in a person -

    I have never had a blood test to check the level of my determination -

    I say the future is unwritten! Much is possible with hard work and determination!

    Stay strong!

    John W. Quinn
    Author, Someone Like Me - An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy