Saturday, September 4, 2010

And then she pushed the other button in the elevator

Lately, as Hannah has experienced just an explosion of social behavior and skills she never possessed, and never flaunted before, she has now started to do things regular ol' babies do. I was sort of pleased when she started trying to get out of the car seat on her own during arrivals and departures. I was pleased she was taking initiative. Like reaching up to touch a pan on the stove! We had a perfect outcome, it was hot but not blistering and didn't cause any injury and she learned the word hot and has not been seen trying that again. These new skills also include using excessive flirtiness and smiles to get her way. She hits you if you anger her. She runs away when you call her, laughing maniacally. She can also do all of these things:

Copy big sister

Climb up on stuff

Not refuse to do things with her right hand (full disclosure, I stuck the ball in her hand, but her ability to keep or dump an object is vastly improved)

Weight bearing on her affected arm during play

And be wicked fast at doing things that Claire never did, like pushing the call button in the elevator at the Children's Museum, summoning staff to our aid in the blink of an eye.


  1. How proud are you?!?! ;0) Awesome progress!

    It's amazing the perspective we have isn't it? Once Oia sounded a fire alarm at Wal-Mart by trying to open an emergency exit door and I didn't care one bit...I was just happy she had the ability to reach up and push the lever with two hands. Rob and I hid our smiles until we left the store then just chuckled all the way home!

  2. I remember celebrating some milestones, like the hitting, that were supposed to be annoying but I was just so pleased that he was doing something age appropriate!

  3. What is that little mouse house in your baseboard?!?