Friday, September 10, 2010

Haiku Friday: farewell, stealer of pies and hearts

Mr. Tobias
a dog with a joyful heart
left us yesterday

My best friend, bereft
sent him on to dog heaven
away from cancer.

He stole many hearts
he comforted and loved us
and stole our baked goods.

He knew how to love
better than many people.
His heart knew real joy.

We'll miss you, Toby.


  1. No way. How are the girls handling this??

  2. Oh Mo, I am sorry to double scare you, this was my best friend's dog. Claire has already declared that when our dog Sophie dies, she and I will cry a lot. I think she's right, judging from losing my last dog 13 years ago. So, my little girls are OK, my best friend is discombobulated to say the least.