Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Claire meets the milestones of deceit and manipulation

See this hair bow? The first time I asked where it came from she said her teacher gave it to her because she missed her when she moved to the next class up. The next day, when I asked where it was, she said she'd given it back to the girl who owned it, and went on to say she had said "you're welcome" when the girl thanked her for returning stolen property. To be fair, it probably was lost in the east playground, like many other treasures, but I suspect she knew all along who would want it back. Oddly enough, the wood chips in said playground do indeed give up treasure, as the lost detritus of hundreds of children periodically rises to the surface. I can stand the Princess rings she brings home but frankly the severed transformer arms, dirty hair clips, and random small wheels sort of bother me.

Claire's drawn figures now have faces.

Even when they are drawn upside down.

Meet Cleta.

Claire assures me Cleta is nice, although she may resemble a somewhat droll angel of death.


  1. Developmentally, this indicates a milestone of personal awareness, but where lying is concerned, that's like stepping in doggy-doo and observing that it could smell worse. The angel of death is nice, though.

  2. Isn't it weird how you can be so proud when they do something so wrong? I was really proud the first time Marie hit a boy - she was one and he was about five and she thumped him hard. I told her off, but I was so impressed with her courage!