Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

My darling readers, lurkers, and wanna be friends.  Own up now - who are you?  Who, who, who who?  OK, my music references just dated me but I was not old enough to get high when those songs came out, I swear it.  I only inhaled in a room full of older people.  And it doesn't matter since I work for the man, hell, I AM the (wo)man.  Those songs hung around for a while, though, so they pop back up in my late night mind, interspersed with The Knack and The Cars and the The Fall and XTC and some crazy LA punk rock that I am sure you all know and love, like X, Fear, Black Flag, the Flesheaters.  Lyrics still go by in my mind that would possibly unhinge both my mother and my daughter simultaneously.  Heh-heh, no one needs to know these things but you guys . . .

And really, who is the 28th Follower?  Sir?  Are you here because you saw that I knit, albeit slowly?  I am about to finish projects that are more than a year old, more aged than many fine cheeses, sure, just keep a look out for it.

Some of you have joined during a time when, if you were amongst my first followers I would stalk your blog, would have commented away and tried to make you Follow me forever, but now? My small hope is to try to leave a comment for anyone who leaves me one (unless Arby's post is overly conservative that day and then I could come back later because he has to still love me as he wants me in the arms of Jesus and he can't stay away).  Someday I will answer my own comments here, because that always feels so much like a cosy cuppa tea sort of moment. The dark reality is I can't always figure out how to find your blog in the follower zone - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I never I said I had tech skills, I only promised doom, despair, hilarity, sickness and health.  And debris sweeping shoes.

So if you want to engage a little more, feel free (but leave directions, OK?)


  1. Good luck with this! I have found that most lurkers are just what their name says. The only thing that will sometimes bring them out is having a baby. You could try that.

  2. Wouldn't you love to know?? I check my blog stats from time to time and find that one new post can get about 100 readers but then who comments?? Only my near and dear handful of 5 or so. Lurkers, I tell you... will always be just that. But, hey, you've got me, if that counts as anything!! ;0) I'm just a lover, not a lurker! Hugs!

  3. I'll keep silent on the subject of Arby, who is no longer talking to me, but whatever.

    Anyhow, I'm here. And even though I don't comment every time I read your blog, I always read your blog. And I adore you and your ginger clan.

    So there. <3

  4. Hi there. Eboo here from Canada. See my blog here:

    We're a Canadian MCAD family, one of the luckier ones I'm guessing. I blog about our life, my family, our finances and whatever comes to mind. I have one person who has clicked follow on my blog, but I get dozens of lurkers! I like lurkers, and seeing what countries they are from.

    Pop over and say hello again sometime. You e-mail me privately too if you like. Talking to other MCAD parents is helpful.

    P.s. Your girls are beautiful!

  5. MWA- I would be willing to have another baby if I were not so darned old, I don't think I could safely risk one more girl going through puberty while I deal with menopause. Lord Honey has already explained that he insulated and drywalled our new garage to make a man cave, just to deal with the future hormones here.
    Mo - I love you too, and your darling girl.
    TeacherMommy - I tried to compose a comment for your last post, it was rejected as too long - still working on that.
    Anti Eboo - I am so glad to have just found any MCADD people at all when I came to your blog last week. Stay tuned, I am working on an MCADD parents blog to try to get more dialogue between families like ours. Welcome! I am going to come follow you, tips on finances and economising that you have on your blog could only help my broken budget. Thanks for coming!

  6. I have the same problem. It's been years. Technology's even gotten better and I still can't figure it out. How sad is this? I figured out how to see who subscribes to my blog (and then find there's) but I had a new subscriber and I have NO IDEA where they came from or where the information went. Now we all know why they have national delurker weeks.......

    I've actually been to SLC once. It's actually a funny story, and somewhat strange. So if I ever go back....girls night?

  7. Hello! Guess what? I'm #29! I am going to email you right now about the game you suggested, which sounds like a whole lot of fun.

  8. I started reading your blog when I discovered the medical adventures that you have with your daughter and the similarities with my daughter. Everybody can use a little support. Peace.

  9. Sarah, I would happily organize a girls' night for you, but game night in is likely more fun, after all, this is Salt Lake, and how anyone gets here is often funny!
    Ellen, so pleased to have you.
    Arby, you have to stay, because I don't have any other daddy blogger friends and I need a few conservatives in my stable of friends to keep me honest. And I love the Captain.

  10. Hi, I am Hanneke. I occasionally pop up under your BlogHer ads (Tough Guys is me), just like you pop up under mine.

    Nice to meet you!

  11. I started reading your blog after you found me. We are also an MCAD family living in Brooklyn. So far, our baby (who we call Cupcake) is almost 4 months old, so we are new at all this parenting stuff. I'm at