Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's better, we're better, wouldn't you like to be better too?

So Hannah did in fact need to go to the hospital Sunday evening when she got up from a nap, turned purple with cold, then cooked up a 104 degree temp in the blink of an eye, and I knew that dehydration needed to be beaten.  Only two little results on a big broad metabolic panel showed anything funky going on, which would be stopped by the dextrose IV solution we were given.  I was sort of concerned by the size of the IV bag, and that if we had to wait to absorb all of that then I had not brought enough changes of clothing with me.  Ultimately they had us fluff up with dextrose/saline, using maybe a tenth of the bag, and the ER sent us away to follow up with the metabolic clinic the next day, which upon seeing Hannah seemed frankly surprised I was concerned, pronounced her as healthy as a person with MCADD and raging diarrhea could be, gave no answer whatsoever as to why the child sometimes turns purple and sent us packing.  Back at home we changed clothes a lot and tested the retention capacity of size 4 Kirkland diapers (poor when challenged by power pooping)  I have resumed my role as forensic scatologist looking for anything remotely turdlike in the diapers of disaster so we could at least tell ourselves the er, um, end?, was in sight.  It was.  A lot.  We saw a lot of that tiny behind, the laundry room, and diaper Genie.  And I spent some time wondering why diarrhea is spelled that way: doesn't the extra "r" seem excessive? Is that the point? It is meant to be a run-on word?

Today Hannah made a big turnaround and begged to go to school, so I took her in midday and she spent the evening cheerfully being herself with extra verve - I think she is pleased to again be capable of knocking her big sister down (she lost only 1 pound of her 25.5).  I am rewarding myself with an early bed and a new book.  For you - I hope for peace and an absence of runny poo.


  1. And I wish the same for you.

    If I see how much I worry sometimes about my bigger-than-average children, I can't even imagine how much I would worry if they were in any risk group. Hug to you!

  2. There isn't a diaper alive that can withstand the force of a power poop. :)

  3. Lordie... you have had a time these days. I hope all is looking, it sounds as though it is. Thank goodness and may it stay that way!

  4. I had too much of the latter earlier this week when I was hit by the plague.

    Sorry, I know that was TMI.

    But really, I do sympathize. Been there, done that with the power poo and sick children, albeit with different issues. Praying yours fade as mine did.

  5. We dodged the hospital once already... I hope we're as lucky next time Owen gets sick. Stomach bugs scare the crap out of me.

    Enjoy the book. Have been revisiting my bookworm nature lately, is cutting into blogreading, but I'm ok with that.