Friday, May 13, 2011

reasons to log off yesterday

Blogger ate my post about Hannah's second round of constraint casting.  If anyone has it in their Google reader, will you send it to me?  Mo left a funny comment and that is all I have to go on . . .

These headlines were on the Yahoo home page. 

     How to make an autonomous, acrobatic spider robot for your kids

     Spiders will be the newest astronauts aboard the ISS

     Watch a hummingbird-shaped spy drone flutter around, steal your secrets

Mind you, these headline followed a story about a woman convicted of murdering her infant daughter in a kitchen appliance (the type that cooks food quickly).  I can't actually let those words appear on my blog.  Can. Not.  She was drunk and doesn't remember. 


  1. Oh that last bit just hurts to read. The awful things that happen in the world - I often think those things shouldn't be on the news. What use are they to the rest of us?

    I've sent you that post - I hope it comes through well with the pictures and everything.

  2. WTF!? She doesn't deserve a headline. She doesn't deserve to breathe if you ask me.

    I lost a bunch of comments too.... stoopid Blogger. Am still to lazy to take the wordpress plunge though.

  3. I'm trying very very very hard to look past all the evil in the world and find the hope.

    The world is NOT HELPING. See, it even deleted your post.

    Stupid world.

  4. Noticed you are in SLC. Parker and I are in Highland. :)

    Tammy and Parker