Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello from the land of running in place, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, and sucking at life

I must have 5 posts in the works, ready to go when I manage to upload photos of videos from the new iPad but someone how the "git 'er done!" phase just never comes to pass.  Why is that?  Is it the old folks in the nursing home?  Is it answering Claire's questions like why doesn't Grandma turn her head  (because she stopped doing it and now she can't)?  Is it getting too distracted with delight and laughter when Hannah says things like "that is stinky, indeed!"  I thought February would bring a modicum of peace and at least a less frenzied pace and I was wrong, on all accounts.  My husband thinks I am nuts to put Hannah (and Claire, obviously) in swimming lessons if it means he has to get up on Saturday, no matter how many times I tell him that the use of her hand starts in the strength of her shoulder and getting her to a full stroke in swimming would be huge in PT and OT ways.  And I still have to combat the badness of my cute idea as a baby to let her play with receipts from all my shopping because she would crunch them in both hands and stuff them in the bag and tear them and so on - only to find out all that register paper is loaded with BPA.  After carefully putting my breastmilk in BPA free bottles she will still get breasts at age 8 because I gave her receipts to use to stimulate her hand.  Best OT tip of the week - buy half price Valentines for next year, and to play with this year so you can more half price sets to get the child tearing things apart at the perforations, and hanging window clings.  (but don't say crap to me if they were all made from melamine eating child slaves in China)

One last thing to say before bed, besides that I don't know anything about the Oscars because I only saw 5 kids movies all year and Puss in Boots and Harry Potter were snubbed, so I skipped an Oscars party to stay home, read to the girls and bedgthem to wear clothes, and work a pile of files from work . . .  are you ready . . . . are you sure . . . .Girl Scout cookies are in on Monday!