Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WTF Wednesday: If she could see or use her hands she might kill me for this

My aging mother is aging out, and on an exit plan now, I am afraid.  She won't be with us much longer.  I was tucking her in at the nursing home and as she slept I noticed this heart shaped age spot.  Like everyone she had good fortune and bad in her 83 years, but I think this is proof positive that her life was marked by love - she was madly in love with my father, and after a few years of painful loneliness when she was widowed with three young children, she had the great good luck to have met my stepfather, who has loved her well for what will be 40 years come July, if that anniversary comes.  Not everyone gets one great love, but my mom got two.  Love leaves it mark, always and indelibly.