Thursday, January 28, 2010

Call your BFF

How does a girl get over an illness?

She calls her BFF on a sparkley pink phone

or hangs out with an old friend


  1. She's a cutie! Glad she's feeling better.

  2. Just read your comment on Lost in Translation and had to come and tell you something. This morning a woman pulled up in a minivan right in front of my house. Turned the car off and took out her knitting. I watched her while doing the dishes and marveled at her obsession. She knitted for 10 minutes, started the car, and took off again. Anyway, that's it.
    Your kids are beautiful, by the way. My daughter (3) is always on the sparkly pink phone with her imaginary friends.
    I'm commenting under my google account. My main blog is: Stop by sometime.