Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ginger 1, Life 1, it's a draw

Life was rather punishing this week, and except for the fact that I have left things undone which ought to have been done, I was still at least fifty percent or more successful. I was busy, busy, busy at work but stayed ahead of the curve on all things. I didn't strangle my mother while I spent time with my parents at the hospital as my dad recovered from his surgery. My Dad will be released today and I think I have found someone to provide personal care help to my parents in their home. It is possible that I have found the person who will be just a perfect fit but I hesitate to call it a win until she has spent a few days preparing their meals and helping them do things like laundry and making the bed. I expect my Dad will only need the help for a week or two and that he is well on the mend although he has to learn about the colostomy bag, but getting rid of the ongoing infection seems to have done him good. My Mom, however, had managed to appear more infirm than ever, kinda by choice. She needs a walker at all times, a wheelchair to visit with my Dad in the hospital, but thinks she can drive if she needs to despite the two doctors, pastor, and adult children think she should not. Possibly, we are in for a ride. We might take the kids out tubing, the inversion has lifted, leaving our valley nearly visible and the air vastly more tolerable, with all the promise of a shiny new book, just waiting to be read.

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