Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don't tell me the babysitter's here . . .

Yikes! I have never before had a non family person into my home to watch my kids. Never! I have once used a sitter who works at our day care, when my niece cancelled late in the day on my anniversary due to illness and I was at loose ends. That day the day care ladies sort of fought to help me because they wanted me to go out. At the time I had only Claire to be cared for and Lupita was her regular daily care provider and I knew Claire adored her, and she preferred to have Claire come to her apartment, which was sparkly clean and inviting. We have put both girls at one of the day care's special babysitting nights where they go back to their normal environment for a big party. But never have I had a semi-adult person come to my home to care for my people, unless it was my sister or my niece! Will she eat my food? Will she look in my drawers, after the kids are in bed? Do I need to hide stuff that I don't want found? I am remembering what I did when I was a teen aged babysitter, and I am NERVOUS! I haven't stopped to worry that this girl won't text me if she needs help, or that Hannah will have a metabolic crisis and die, or that Claire will be bad tempered and difficult, because the sitter works part time at the day care and full time there in the summers and she loves kids and particularly mine. I am just afraid that she will act like me. This is my penance, isn't it? I deserve this. I do. I never should have rifled through all those underwear drawers.

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  1. YOU are so brave! I've never had a babysitter! I'm a chicken!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...I look forward to getting to know you!