Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ma-ma-ma-milestone!! I'd do the happy dance but I can't stop crying.

She finally pulled herself up to standing. Lord Honey saw it first and failed to mention it to me. Men are rather odd.

Here is the lead up.

The approach.

She shoots, she scores.

I had suspected it would happen any day as she'd suddenly gone through the kind of exponential change that had her sitting up in her wee bassinet, and therefore finally kicked out of our bedroom and into her own, and refusing to sit down, and rolling about in her big girl crib like a wild monkey just because she could, and we've been working on the parts of getting up for months.

Then I saw it today during our PT session and burst with pride. My little baby! All grown up! Suddenly she seems so mature, pulling up and hamming for the camera then expecting to be shown the picture for her approval.

I want her to walk, and to walk soon, but more so I want her to walk well. We are seeing two different PTs who recommend different things and I've focused more on the one who we met first, and how he wants Hannah working at basic skills and building up strength and balance. The other therapist, he of the pithy sayings such as "we all find our support" wanted her on walking toys (she said no), in a walker (she said fuck no) and cruising the furniture (she says OK to that). Her primary PT, he who visits my house, sometimes to comic effect, instead wants me climbing her up the stairs so she learns weight shifting and balance and bears weight on her weaker side in ways that mimic walking, and he believes in selectively splinting her elbow so she can't revert to her scrunched up arm pattern and pull herself out of balance. I went with his methods more, on instinct, and also on him saying look, she will walk late anyway so instead of pushing walking just push for the basics because her walk will look better if she shifts her weight well. After our session on Tuesday as he was readying to go he said it was one of the most fun therapy sessions he's ever done, and he's done quite a few. I haven't been able to talk about it because I can't control my emotions. Mike has always said Hannah would walk, he just couldn't say when or how steadily, but he is absolutely delighted with her progress and her many tricky skills, like cruising both directions (including to her weak side) and the way she holds her trunk and moves her shoulder and chest, and he says she'll be walking soon.

Every time I walk into the day care and find her standing at the table I think I'll just burst with pride and joy, It used to be that Hannah would bee sitting about while her peers romp about her and now here she is right in the thick if the action, leaning up against a table or shelf and looking so much more normal. 'Scuse me, I need Kleenex. Normal posting will resume soon.


  1. Nice! I am convinced that Captain Chaos crawled the first time just to get away from her OT. She was done with therapy for the day! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful step! I bet you are bursting with pride. x

  3. Yeah Hannah! we knew you could do it!! You go girl!

  4. Outstanding!

    TWO - PTs!?

    ;) Barbara

  5. Woot! Woot! And that smile is adorable!