Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Cheeto by any other name would taste as sweet

Hannah the Extraordinary, younger sister of Claire the Magnificent, did something quite noteworthy this week. Some might think it mundane, or average. Some might think the shine of the moment dulled by the cheesy residue. Some might even think the event not so significant because it was a Natural Cheeto, and therefore lacking in artificial dyes so the proof was not smeared throughout the house for all to see.

Hannah. Ate. A Cheeto. From. Her. Right. Hand.

Is it the horse? Is it a developmental stage she would have achieved on her own? Who cares? She still finds the greatest indignity in my attempts to make her use her right hand to deliver the disc of peace to her mouth, and she doesn't always like it when I stuff toys in her hand, but her hand is more open than ever before. She held sticks in each hand in music class, and rhythm eggs although that was more short lived, and all her OTs this week thought she did better/more with her right hand than they had ever seen.

A Cheeto was consumed, and the heavens shone down upon us.


  1. I get it, girl, boy do I get it!!! You will always note the 'little' things Hannah does with her right hand as if they are mini-miracles every time. And if you're like us...she'll get by with playing in the dog bowls only if Righty is involved...or any other 'no-no' for that matter. ;0)

  2. It's all about the cheeto. Liam used to embarrass me in the store when he saw cheetos. People probably thought that was the only thing he ate, but he was pretty obsessed.

  3. All praise the almighty cheeto! who cares how they get there... but she's getting there!

  4. So VERY AWESOME!!!! Way to go Hannah-girl!!!