Monday, July 5, 2010

now with more cowbell

This post should have come out ages ago but BLOGGER HATES ME. I have apparently failed to make the requisite ritual sacrifices. Maybe it is time to drop the laptop down the stairs again? Anyway, I have been going on Claire's summer camp field trips when I can. this post should include a video of the cacophony of a passel of four year olds going wild in the music room of a children's museum. Just pretend you saw it. But at least you get cowbell, the most significant instrument. Strangely, it is not just video I am struggling with. I know some of you see some of the movies by way of your comments, and I am trying to overcome my fear of going straight to You Tube for the linking, but why does Blogger eliminate edits to my post, mid post? Why? BLOGGER HATES ME. Would the burning of a flash drive be enough?


  1. Blogger has very mysterious ways. Be careful not to piss it off any more. :-)

  2. Sounds like a Haiku in the making...