Friday, July 31, 2009

Haiku Friday - gadgets

Today I brought home
something I can't yet make work
a new Blackberry

My daughter saw it
and with a gleam in her eye
said "OH, is that yours?"

Lord Honey's cheap phone
has better built in ring tones
that make Hannah dance.

But I have something
I've not much needed before
the freckle button!

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  1. Hilarious! I still don't have a Blackberry!

  2. Who knew? And now, how would you live without it? Have fun with you new toy!!

  3. It comes as a shock
    A phone that's smarter than you
    Indispensable now

  4. What exactly is the freckle button? I have a $20 rotary dial phone. I am so behind on phone tech.

  5. I walked passed a blackberry patch the other day, right in the middle of town - might do some scrumping later on today and make a pie.

  6. I would likely be better with the Blackberry Pie than the Blackberry smartphone. Should it be called a smart phone if it makes my idiocy more apparent?

    Babing - the freckle button is a cute name for the "blackberry button" - and I have my phone set to ring like your real rotary phone - its retro!