Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend update, brought to you by tylenol and xanax

So it turned out Hannah just had an as yet unnamed virus. I think we should name it, perhaps, it that shall not be named, based on its general state of evilness. What kind a virus just deals one a high fever and a shiver me timbers week? Tomorrow we try our first real hippotherapy session, the one a few weeks ago having been an only an evaluation and some brief riding while screaming. I was fairly concerned that I could have provided the same level of tension, screaming, and tears at home for a lot less than $175 but then, I am no occupational therapist. I've spent ages trying to get her to wear a practice helmet on her tiny wee noggin, to admire every picture of a horse in every one of her picture books and toe get her on a tiny pony at our local hands on farm but these ideas are generally met with an emphatic and shrill un-unh and violent shake of the head. The week was rounded out by things that annoyed me mightily at work, marital spatting about who should take time off work to care for the hot baby, money woes, and exhaustion, peppered with some gloom and doom weather that put the kibosh on every outdoor therapy plan. Suck factor 8. Likelihood of general improvement next week: seems high, knock on wood.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that next week is better. Much better. x