Friday, November 5, 2010

Tulip, Welcome to Holland. Holland, meet Tulip.

We'd had some trouble getting Rocky to hold still once we changed dates/handlers. Our OT had us working more on developing protective movements such as getting one's arms out in front or to the side as necessary, and that was beneficial work, but since Rocky stopped stopping consistently, we weren't getting as much work done with grasping objects. So, we switched to Tulip, and lo and behold, yet another cute young man showed up to volunteer as the side walker. See the results for yourself.

Boys! Tasty! He is all mine.

She knows all her colors!

I can move objects with my mind! Er, um, right hand.

The walk of triumph.

Look out Holland, we have some tromping through your flowers to do.  Heh.


  1. I see Righty cleaning up!!!!! Lovely.

    And Oia watched Hannah with me and said 'baby'.... funny how someone just a wee bit younger than themselves is a "baby".

    How much longer on the cast?