Friday, June 28, 2013

Um . . .Hello!

Hey gang. Sorry to go AWOL on you that way.  Blogging took a back seat after a bit and eventually got pushed right off my radar altogether as I tried to keep myself from falling apart, and ultimately failed.  Short recap: my mom indeed did die, shortly after my last post; my head got seriously mixed up (more on that later); marriage got worse; ultimately I was widowed (more on that later too) about 4 months ago, and I am now getting back on my feet and right side up (barely, more on that later also).  If you are still here, shout out and say so.  I loved you all before and I still do. It totally cracks me up that I am getting traffic here having been absent so long.  You will be rewarded but first I must find my funny and poignant keyboard for blogging, instead of the wistful hindsight is 20/20 keyboard.

Gas Food Lodging will be resurrected as I still have kids who require gas, food, and lodging and a whole lot more, and I will likely blog elsewhere too but am still setting that one up.  My daughters are doing fabulously for those who want to know - growing like weeds and full of fun - and are coping with things far better than I, since they have that eternal magical zen quality of living primarily in the now.  Be patient with me, I'll be back.

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  1. You have no idea... Just on my mind THIS WEEK! And all the weeks in between. Remember the pink dress you sent me for Esme? She finally wore it two days ago. It fits!! But really, I'm feeling like a hug, phone chat, a coffee, and more hugs are in order. I have missed you. Glad your back. Praying for bright days. Do come back soon...