Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bittersweet birthday without a Daddy, but still, a day to celebrate

Bitter + sweet = still sweet

There ought to be a mathematical formula for that but it escapes me.  We celebrated multiple times in multiple ways, including violently colored cupcakes delivered to her day care / summer camp class, sure to wind up even the most peaceful of kiddos.  There is a pile of real angst here, that for all the critical thoughts I had for Lord Honey not doing much to help me help Hannah, at least he showed up to the party on a holiday and now he doesn't do that.

For reasons that escape me entirely, I can't load pix directly from my ipad so I will have to do a bonus birthday post when I can jump that technological hurdle, but the fast facts are:

The Sophia the First talking castle - big hit
Cheap clip on earrings and amulets - huge hits
Bouncing at Jump Around Utah with the pals - another birthday party success

For me, my kids' birthdays are always a time for review, and so I looked back to Hannah's first birthday post on this blog, entitled Lucky, and indeed I know that I am. I love you, Little Bunny.

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