Thursday, March 26, 2009

like a fruitcake, moist and nutty

My first business trip away from my 7 1/2 month old daughter is half over. My mind is half full, with joy, now that the end is in sight, and yet half empty that I had to do it at all and be away and didn't manage to find joy when I could, like having time to myself.

I have, however, in the course of this conference, recognized that my ass kissing skills are no better than before, so chalk one up for edification in the midst of ennui. Need to work on that pucker up policy. I facilitated people who don't like each other being civil in a group. Social engineering, building bridges.

I didn't write my novel in the back rows, but I got some powerful knittin' done on Hannah's matinee coat. Success can be found in baby sweaters and unspoken insults.

Hmmm. Good thing it is all on the road less travelled.

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