Friday, April 24, 2009

more bad poetry

This is still Shultzie's fault.

Did I mention that I secretly hope to write for children?

Coal tar, 'roid rage, chicken on a spit
UV light
still not right
whatta buncha shit

I do like this one better:

I erased your saved programs on the DVR
Forgive me, I hate all shows on that bad channel
No one needs to know that much about aliens


  1. Sigh.

    I'm assuming you mean the SciFi channel. In which case, you're going to hell.

    You can NEVER know too much about aliens. It's all good preparation for when they descend and take over the earth.

  2. I am going to hell, TeacherMommy, I am! But I despise the History channel far more than SciFi because it presents fantasy in the guise of science. Have you ever seen the Mega Disasters episode about how a big tidal wave might cause harm, were it to hit NYC? If it existed at all?