Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haiku Friday - Claire the Magnificent

She wakes up laughing
ready to go anywhere
until she mood swings

Her eyes like thunder
everything disappoints her
for just ten seconds

Then, happy! happy!
"Where are we going today?"
"Who's coming over?"

Her fanciest moves
from dance class propel her past
and back, arm outstretched

She squeals with her joy
She proclaims heartfelt wonder
the world is all hers

Eats all her dinner
if I give her a good treat
like chocolate pudding

Her legs are so bruised
She needs many Mom kisses
To make owies heal

I tuck her in bed
"mom you're coming back to me
and bringing water"

Happy Friday everytbody see A Mommy Story for more haiku links, or post your own.