Monday, June 15, 2009

photo purse montage

If you find yourselves in need of a blog post, try this meme out. I got it from Jaywalker at Belgian Waffle, who actually had real girl stuff and a ball to play with and who surpassed my slovenly bag contents with . . . leaf mulch . . . and Alexa at Flotsam, whose purse contents were, I thought, notable in that she had multiple objects of sentimental value and she carries a handbag hook one might use to hang her purse from a table. I have one of those, in my armoire. My bag is noteworthy for its high number of products you can use to clean up bodily fluids or produce them, such as a drippy nose, crying eyes, a baby bum or a mommy bum (the flushable wipes I can't live without), a burp rag for oral ooze, three kinds of lip lard in various stages of grittiness (which has nothing to do with the "organic" ingredients), a baby spoon and backup binky. I have a Tide pen for necessary clothing cleanup, SPF 55 kids sunscreen, a strand of pearlish beads, and the sole remaining earpiece of my last pair of sunglasses. I have a toothbrush that I am certain constitutes a health hazard, some prescription drugs for unmentionable conditions and enough bobby pins for an entire updo, despite my lack of long hair. Two out of four pens work, and my albuterol inhaler is currently not expired. Now, both Alexa Flotsam and Jaywalker not just goddesses of the written word but they are vastly more fashionable than I, which is why they both carried actual makeup and girly things. Please don't hold that against me. I have way more Kleenex than either of them, so if you wanted to see a weepy French film you'd be better off with me, and I might be able to save your shirt from the butter stains if you spill your popcorn.

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  1. lol , funny i cant say much on anyones purse clutter because my purse can fit a backpack in it and we are not talking a small empty one . we are talking im going camping and i took everything plus the kitchen sink. most times i have to carry things in my pockets because i cant get anything in my purse but good help me if i leave it at home i always end up needing the stuff i had in it . so that thing goes everywhere.
    sad part i have no kids its all me .