Friday, June 5, 2009

Haiku Friday the third

I am so tired
for a girl who doesn't sleep
sure need ambien

pooped out but present
baby in growth spurt, nicely
my fam plugged along

Thursday rears its head
hernia! Daddy sit down!
now, don't paint the house

my mom sick with angst
Daddy's hernia repaired
she wants him cooking

he drives her places
how is she supposed to go
church, the store, back home

God don't let me get
so slow, old, and decrepit
she is now eighty

the poor man can't rest
or be sick and leave her stuck
then she is helpless

once he gets home soon
she can stare at him, weeping
and calm the heck down

I'll make casseroles
maybe a chicken pot pie
bland and less roughage?

my sister and I
agree, don't let us get old
smother with pillow

It's Friday again, so head over to A Mommy Story and check out the haiku movement and say to yourself,

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