Monday, May 18, 2009

Grace in Small Things Fourteen: pie-oh-my and poo-on-you

1. A few years ago my sister got a joke off an inlaw whereby a person whacks the pointy tip off her dining companion's pie, takes it, shouts "pie oh my," and then eats it, stealing what is obviously the best part of the pie. Over the years, I've stolen a lot of pie with this method, to great joy.
2. My girlfriends and I who used to walk our dogs in the hills modified this to sometimes shout "poo on you" and get the other to take the poo out of the canyon rather than have to drag one's own dog poo about to dispose of, especially in summer. We had a lot of fun with this, too.
3. Today, I asked a coworker to go get money out of my purse, to buy a cup of coffee for me on the coffee run. When I returned to my office I found the rubber dog poo I had borrowed and carried in my purse now on top of my wallet. Poo on you, coffee runner!
4. At least I carried fake rubber dog poo and not real baby poo, as one of my blogger friends did today.
5. I'm now thinking of getting myself some pie!

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  1. Pie...mmmm. What kind?

    Oh--by the way, tag! You're it! But only if you want to be. Or are bored. Or need something to post.