Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not as interesting as it sounds

The oldest Gingerling came to me today, handed me a small cheap plastic hula doll about 3 inches high, pointed to her front and said "look Mom, look what I have" and I waited for her description. "Tits!" she said. I stared blankly (I get like that sometimes.) My mind is reeling, and I am wondering just who might have used this word around my three year old, since I have carefully tried not to give names to body parts that others might think rude. Who will I beat up for this transgression? My mild mannered husband? The stepsons, who don't really use many bad words at our house? Her day care? So I ask her, "what do you have, honey?" "Tits" she replies. "They're like candy. Want one, Mommy? Here you go." And she takes an imaginary pinch off the doll, and I use my imagination while I pretend to eat it. And we agree we like pretend candy. And Ita, or Tinta, or Tika, or whatever that doll is called right then goes to bed. Whew. I hope that tomorrow we are back to imaginary M&Ms.

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