Monday, May 11, 2009

Grace in small things - Ten with a twist

1. My laptop still works even after I dropped it down the stairs and the disk drive popped open and then bent itself in a most alarming and unfixible way. It looks like a flag twisting in the wind, attracting attention to my ineptitude and general oafishness. But I can still blog!

2. I have wireless internet so disk drives mean nothing to me!! Ha!

3. More with the fresh corn, heavy butter, and sea salt.

4. The baby loves me and doesn't know I am oafish.

5. I have never dropped my baby.

I didn't post this picture on Grace in Small Things where I am being, well, grateful, but here, in the interest of your entertainment, I give you proof of my oafishness (she writes having just spilled breast milk all over her kitchen counter preparing a bottle - deftly!).

If this sort of reminds you of the email jokes about the dumb blonde who couldn't make the cupholder on her computer work, please, just don't say anything. I am a redhead. Real or not, I am a redhead.

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