Friday, May 22, 2009

Haiku Friday: the first

My Friday haiku -

Relax and accept
the acupuncturist said
serenity here

It's not just a prayer
for the folks who quit drinking
you too can calm please

Needles kept poking
dim lights and nice fake wave sounds
I did calm right down
The form of haiku
Makes me sound more beautiful
Five seven then five

On wikipedia
Fake encyclopedia
Haiku form’s not set

The Japanese writers
flow their structure with nature
But I can't purge my verbs

For now I am stuck
with predictable drivel
Can't let go of rhyme

F*&^ me I can't stop
that rhythm possesses me
Brain dump in po'try

Didn't I already tell you how I like to write bad poetry? Did I give you adequate warning? It was with great good fortune that I found Christina's site just when I was all full of extra words and whacked out rhythms. This may not cure you of terminal white guy butt, if you have rhythm issues, but it may release some tension, anyhow. Check out the link list over at A Mommy Story, where the haikus are all linked up. Join in if you can, and as always, laugh at me behind my back. I am ashamed to tell you that I would have had more than two poems if I had been faster with making my first link in a post, and copying code to upload the button. TeacherMommy, will this make you forgive me for not doing your meme? Please?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe. Maybe. Especially if you get around to the meme eventually and down the road, perhaps at a time when you're desperate for something to blog. Cuz honestly, that's when I meme.

    Love the haikus, am inspired, will be doing. Eventually. :P