Monday, June 1, 2009

Lord Honey and the Gingerlings

Meet Lord Honey. He is so named because he so often freaks me out with his behavior that I often say "Lord, Honey what are you doing??" or perhaps "Lord, Honey will you stop that . . . " Now, shhhhhh, don't tell Lord Honey that his picture went on the blog. Lord Honey is shy. Lord Honey's natural environment does not involve being viewed by complete strangers. Shhhhh. Lord Honey is peaceful when he is not provoked. Shhhhh. Be vewy qwiet. He is hunting Forex tips on the internet.

See the Gingerlings in their natural habitats, exploring their environment and manipulating their handler. Gingerling the first is indeed a lion tamer, while Gingerling the second focuses her efforts on exercise, in preparation for her side job as an aerobics instructor. Ruthless, the both of them.

This post was intended to distract me from my infernal Google searching of things like "hypoglycemia cerebral palsy" and "breast milk smells like eggs" and "penance" and "potty training child small stature." It worked for a little while. I gotta go look into this stinky breast milk thing.


  1. The Gingerlings are ADORABLE. FYI. In case you didn't already know.

  2. Oh, and I gave you an award over on my blog. :D

  3. An award?!? Por moi? I am so touched, and not at all offended by the profane nature of the award. Why, I swear like a sailor, so no worries. Thank you TeacherMommy!

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