Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do they make a splint for my psyche?

Hannah gets her orthotic brace today at the local Shriners hospital I can't really explain my tension and fear filled reaction except that having a brace will make cerebral palsy seem so much more real, like suddenly we are an ad for Easter Seals instead of just a family. So far Hannah is incognito, and among her peers at the nursery, there are two kids in her group who are also not walking, although they both crawl and pull up well. I don't mean to say that having people know she has a problem is the issue because that is simply not as important to me as that she is making progress to do as well as she can to have the brightest future. But, but, but having a brace on her wee foot makes this seem so much more real, that we can't just pass as a family whose child isn't fast to hit milestones but faces no barriers. Last night as we worked our wee exercises (camouflaged as play as always) Hannah pulled herself up to a stand for the first time, so the time is right to stabilize her foot to give her greater abilities. I know the purpose of the brace is positive but I also know I am going to cry, again.


  1. And I am sucking it all up and taking deep breaths.

  2. It must be so, so hard. I can only imagine. Strength to you. And love. And hugs.